Alexandra Marlette

Developer & Designer

Persons with Disabilities in the Workplace Vector Icons

This started when I was looking for vector icons to use in a flyer for an event at my college. I use a cane to get around campus and this was a professional event so it was important for me to have someone with some form of mobility disability on this flyer. I went to the usual places to get a vector icons, freepik & adobe stock and the results were lackluster. * Adobe Stock: 117 results for disabled businessperson in images * Freepik: 75 result for disabled business person in images with the


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The Transparency Project

Problem Space There is not a large database of national information around police precincts, number of complaints against officers, or transfer rates. The accountability for officers that transfer to avoid consequences is very low and this website would strive to highlight officers with high transfer and high complaint rates and arm local citizens with contact information to the governing bodies in their area that can have an impact on that precinct. User Requirements * Reliable information/da


Product Design | Figma
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